February 28 - March 1: San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Saturday February 28:

A perfect day of relaxation and re energizing from a long flight is the agenda!! After a long night's sleep and a slow start to the morning, it is a breakfast buffet to make anyone's eyes pop and mouth water! Fresh fruit, warm rolls - hard or sweet, hot eggs, sausage meats, ham, bacon, cheeses, fresh yogurt -- you want it, it was there. Looking around the room several other members of the biking group who have arrived during the night can be seen also indulging in the experience without any hesitation.

Two familiar faces among the breakfasters are Carol and JoAnn, two women I rode along with on the Mississippi trip couple of years ago. We decide that today should be devoted to exploring the immediate town and generally dedicated to a "relax at all cost" day.

Carol & JoAnn Welcoming You to Nahuel Huapi Lake

JoAnn & Carol Happy With Their New Purchases!

Sunday March 1:

More and more of the group have now arrived. Breakfast was a time for introductions, questions about each other's experiences in traveling to this community and a comparison of notes as to what this last day will bring. The weather has turned cooler with the threat of rain in the afternoon making it a good day to do that last minute shopping before headed out tomorrow on the bike. A stroll down through town to watch the clock in the city's tower strike noon, a gaze here and there for a bargain, and then a quiet slow lunch on Argentinean beef! Later this afternoon brings the bike fitting followed by a reception and dinner sponsored by the tour company.

Noon in Bariloche!

A True Gaucho Lunch!!

With A Gaucho Dessert!!

Sue And JoAnn After a Gaucho Lunch!

Bike Fitting Time!!!!

With the rain starting to fall, the group brought out rain gear and trudged off to the bike shop to be fitted for the new bikes!! Excitement was in the air along with the rain drops!!

My New Bike!!

Carol and JoAnn Getting Help

Jill Patiently Waiting for Her New Bike

Marlene: "Where's Mine?"

Happy Guides

Where's the Route??

Welcome Dinner!!!

Argentinean Beef!!

One Portion!!!!!

And How Do You Want It Cut?

Marilyn and Jackie --This Wine is Good -- Where's the Beef?

Group Welcome Dinner

JoAnn: "Wait to you see what I ordered!"

Marlene: "Empanadas? Yes!!"