March 5: Puerto Octay to Puerto Varas, Chile: 68 kms, 42 miles

After a hearty breakfast and the realization that the day was not going to be a stormy one, but rather bright and sunny, the group assembled quickly at the van to load luggage and then start the trek out the narrow private drive to the road encircling the Lago Lllanquihue.

The route today follows the western side of the lake climbing up onto the plateaus and down into the valleys with the constant view of both the Osorno and Clabuco Volcanoes, which are standing at attention over seeing the countryside. Osorno is cone-shaped with traces of glacier decorating its side. Clabuco is also slightly cone-shaped but almost completely covered with snow making is a spectacular sight jutting up out of the horizon among the foothills of the Andes.

About half way to the hotel we came upon the quaint village of Fruillar. The town was originally settled by German immigrants many years ago and still shows the signs of the Germanic influence. A wiener schnitzel for lunch is in order!! Interesting however, is the division of social class. The town is divided into Fruillar "the Upper" and Fruillar "the Lower". The Lower section sits directly on the lake with its beautiful vistas of the volcanoes and the hills surrounding the area. Nice restaurants and shops dot the perimeter. The Upper is the "have not" section. Poor shacks, dilapidated buildings, dirty streets, all encompass this section. Apparently the workers reside "up" and the tourists reside "lower".

History Note: In 1856, 47 German families arrived and settled in Fruillar, and now as a village of about 5000 the town still maintains many of its Germanic traditions. One of the best known events is the "Music Festival" started in the summer of 1968 as a result of the meetings of amateur musicians and gradually transformed into an event that summons both Chilean and foreign musicians.

After an excellent lunch the group finished the day's ride by going out onto the Pan-American Highway. 30 kms later it is the town of Puerto Varas in the heart of the Chilean Lake Country.

First Sight Of Osorno Volcano

Beautiful Countryside

The Rolling Hills of Patagonia!

Lago Llanquihue

Marilyn Explaining to the Group How She Used Her Pants as a Brake!!!!

Fruillar's Music Festival Statue

Marilyn, Betsy, Mary, JoAnn Enjoying the View

Nap After Lunch!

Group: "That Goose Was Wonderful!"