March 6: Puerto Varas Rest Day

Rafting the river, shopping Puerto Montt or "hanging out" in Puerto Varas - a day off the bike has been well earned. The day has been divided up into optional activities. The majority have chosen to do the cultural exploration of Puerto Montt with the tantalizing suggestion of a fresh seafood lunch on the waterfront. Puerto Montt is one of the main shipping ports of Chile lying on the coast a short drive from our hotel. The more adventurous of the group chose to raft down the glacier river through Category 4 rapids. And of course, there were a couple who just wanted to be laid back and enjoy the quaint little town of Puerto Varas and possibly a massage at the hotel spa! In all cases, enjoyment was the number one deciding factor.

Osorno Volcano


Calbuco Volcano

View From Hotel

Tea Time = Wine in a Cup!!


JoAnn and Jackie at "Tea Time"!