March 8: Petrohue to Ancud, Isla ChiloƩ, Chile

Today is the transition day from one guide company to another. The group needed to say goodbye to our new "best friends" -- Anibal, Ellen and Silvina who had lead us so expertly across the Andes from Argentina to Chile. Alexandre stood in the background ready to take over and move the group into the hiking, kayaking and boat riding phase. Hugs, waves, and the transition was complete.

A ride down the Pan-American Highway in a bus this time and out across the water in a ferry to the island of ChiloƩ. Here the group donned life jackets and headed out to the small barrier islands -- home to two species of penguins. One, the Magellan migrate each year to this spot from the Atlantic side of South America. The Humbolt migrate from the northern Pacific coast around Peru. This point is the farthest south the Humbolts travel and the farthest north the Magellan swim. They share the small islands, but never breed together. It is quite the majestic sight to see -- so many penguins in the wild with sea otters and lions swimming in the sea around them. An occasional dolphin can also be seen as well as many birds.

Osorno Volcano

Osorno Closer


Getting On the Ferry

Chiloe Island

On The Way to The Penguins


Road Block!

Maggie: "And How Is This Prepared?"

Boat to Penguin Islands


Our Boat

Shuttle to Boat!

Where's The Boat?

Our Guides

Penguin Colony

Some More


And Closer!

There on the Rock!

Two Love Birds!