March 9: Ancud to Castro, Isla Chiloé, Chile -- Kayak Day

Fog hung heavy over the city of Ancud as the group assembled for an early breakfast before the "pick up" shuttle to the launching ramp on the river in southern Chiloé. Everyone was silently questioning the sanity of kayaking in the fog, but all kept thoughts to themselves as backpacks and luggage were "stuffed" in the back of the van and riders in the front.

About a half an hour down a gravel road the sun began to break through the mist and as the van reached the summit of each crest the day seemed to be bright and sunny only to disappear again into the mist deep in the valley. But then -- the clouds lifted enough to see the river slowly flowing by at the bottom of the long grassy hillside. There stood the proprietor and his wife, a gentle couple dedicated to the preservation of the environment, with smiles on their faces welcoming the group to their home and kayaks. With kindness and care they instructed each person in the ways of the water, the "how to's" of kayaking, and what to expect to see in the beautiful natural surroundings.

The group was launched!!! Down the salt water river with the tide with hopes of returning as the tide retreated. Unfortunately that did not turn out to be the case, so as great as floating downstream with the current seemed, the return upstream into the wind burned more calories that the lunch was going to replenish. But it was a great experience and loved by all.

The group was fed!!! Organic vegetables, smoked salmon, Chiloén potatoes and wine!! Oh what a life.

And then onto Castro, the oldest and biggest city on the island.

Marilyn: "Come On Your Guys, This is Easy!!"

JoAnn in the MIst!


Jackie Checking Out the Shore

The "Pros" -- JoAnn and Carol

"Jackie, Get Out of Our Way!!"

The Landscape

Misty Morning

Betsey Off and Running

Jackie: "This is Too Beautiful!"

The View!

And More View!

And More!

Some More

Mary Enjoying the Current

The Calm

The View Down River From On High


Bucking the Wind

Drying Out

The Proprietor Serving Lunch

Oh What Hunger After All That Work!

Yes, This Bread Is Good!

Jackie and Betsey: "I'm Ready For The Next Course"

Carol: "Boy, That Kayaking Can Make One Thirsty!"

Cathedral of Castro


Inside the Cathedral

Baby Jesus's Suit is Knitted and Changed By the Local Women Each Month!