July 14:  Vilalba to Baamonde  37,641 steps

The route map said only 17 kilometers today so the decision was to stay at the parador and have one of their wonderful buffet breakfasts before heading out over the countryside.  The terrain was to be a slight up twice with slights downs twice also.  The sun was out so it was to be warm, but easy going.

The way out of town took us through the older section of Vilalba past the church and then out onto the old country lanes.  Most today are dirt tracks left by years of farmers' carts digging deep into the mud after a rain.  A couple of medieval bridges got us from one side of the river to the other.  It is always amazing that these bridges are still useable and in good shape.

Several kilometers into our day's journey we ran into construction.  Seems that the country is building a super highway right over the Camino.  What it means for today is that we needed to detour around the big equipment and excavation spots and traverse a "under construction" new bridge.  Seems strange to be wandering on a multi-hundred year old trail for over 500 miles and intertwined is this modern super highway.  The old and the new standing at times next to each other and at other times on top of each other -- the old losing out to the new!!!  In years to come the original Camino will no longer be here -- only plagues on the trees and buildings telling of the "old trail" of the pilgrim.  Sad!!!

Baamonde is a hamlet of 350 people.  We are staying tonight at the local truck stop!!  Quite a comedown from the last two nights at the parador.  The town in the home of Victor Corral Castro, the internationally know sculptor.  His brother runs the restaurant down the street and is a character himself.  A elderly man about 5'4" with a white beard to his knees.  Apparently he was an actor in his youth and uses those skills to entertain the customers.  Made for a fun dinner!

Tomorrow, due to a lack of place to stay we are jumping ahead to Sobrado dos Monxes, some 40 kilometers down road.  We will taxi back to Miraz and walk in from there.  Otherwise -- it would mean a farmer's field for the night and none of us are up for that!!!

Jan and Nancy on the Camino!

Note:  Cow in the Doorway - Guardian of the Camino!

A Family Affair in the Fields (Grandpa, Son and Wife)


Picnic Area on the Camino

Mary on the Camino

The Fields of the Camino

Churchyard in Baamonde

Church of Baamonde