July 15:  Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes (Guitiriz)

There is only one taxi driver in town so we have had to divide into shifts to get to the next town.  Jan, Michele and Nancy won the first ride and were headed to a hotel in Sobrado dos Monxes according to the address on their reservation forms.  We were headed to another hotel and the taxi was too small to take four people and the luggage, so Angela and Mary drew the lucky straw to go first with the promise to send the cab back for Frankie and I within the hour.  Ten o'clock and the first cab ride departed.  Eleven fifteen and the second ride headed west.  By one o'clock Frankie and I were convinced that the cab driver had taken a siesta and had forgotten about us.  Some 40 kilometers away from our new hotel with luggage and backpack to boot, the thought crossed our minds to start walking in the general direction in hopes of arousing sympathy from some passing motorist.  But alas -- at one fifteen she showed up to take us the thirty five minutes down the road to a bed and breakfast tucked way back in the countryside far from any town or metropolis.  Under normal circumstances, this type of arrangement for two nights would be ideal.  However, we are suppose to be walking the Camino and adding extra kilometers just to find the route is not high on our list.  If the Camino teaches you anything it is to how to adapt.  A bed and breakfast instead of a truck stop, an afternoon sky burst, no noise, no traffic, might as well just lie back and enjoy the environment.  We will make up the miles tomorrow!!!

Before leaving Baamonde we discovered a very old tree designated as part of the museum of Victor Correl Castro, the newly learned internationally famous sculptor.  It was carved in several places deep within the knots of the tree.  Very interesting discovery! 

Victor Correl Castro's Carving

Another Castro Carving

Yet Another Carving in the Same Tree!!

Casa O Meson Entrance Sign