July 18:  Arzua to O Pina  27,465 steps

We are on the last leg of the trip now.  We have joined the French route so have picked up many more pilgrims.  It actually seems like a hike in the woods of a crowded state park more than a trip down "Pilgrim Lane".  We have left the solitude of the Camino del Norte and the quiet of the woods.  We are now in the middle of a  mad rush to get to the Cathedral of Santiago.  Fortunately for all of us we are not so concerned about when we get there, but rather that we do!!!

After days upon days of hard walking, the French route seems so easy.  The path is graveled or dirt so the walking is easy on the feet.  The incline or decline is very gradual so again the walk is not difficult.  Guess one gets very spoiled after walking the terrain that we have for the last month.

Tonight we are at an inn about 12 miles outside of Santiago.  Tomorrow we make the last push into the city.  The goal is to head to the cathedral and then the Office of the Peregrino to turn our papers in to qualify for the Compostela.  Thursday's Mass will be dedicated to pilgrims that arrived the day before, so we have it on our schedule to attend.