July 9:  Ribadeo Rest Day for everyone!!

While sleeping the last few days away we have moved to the last spot where we will see the sea.  Starting tomorrow this group will put the water to our backs and start the long climb up and over the mountain range to our south and head toward Santiago.

Two more "pilgrims" have joined our group for a few days.  Maxwell, Jan's husband and Jack, Nancy's husband flew in to visit.  Maxwell has brought a mountain bike so he is riding part of the Camino in between walks.  Jack is walking part and driving a car to support the two of them.  They both wanted a small taste of what it is like out on the Camino.

Today is the second to last rest day and is well timed.  Us "sickies" are slowly coming back to the living and two of the three of us plan on walking tomorrow even though it includes a climb up a mountain.  Just another challenge from the Camino!!!

1600 Church in Ribadeo

City Square in Ribadeo