June 11:  Austinburg to Erie, PA  57.2 miles

Where yesterday was overcast and rainy, today was sunny and the perfect riding temperature.  At 65 degrees to start most wore light jackets to block the morning chill, but within a few miles it was "off with the jackets or arm warmers" and just enjoy the day.

The first part of the ride was back on the Western Reserve Greenway Trail to continue the trek north to Ashtabula.  The pavement was smooth and flat so the legs warmed up at a nice gentle pace allowing the body to wake up slowly and enjoy the scenery without having to pant and push!

Within a short distance of the end of the bike trail the first view of Lake Erie appeared.  For the freedom seekers this was one of their "jumping off" spots to catch a ferry to Canada and that long sought after freedom.  Many would either sail from here or go around the Lake in an westerly direction to avoid the slave holders that were sitting near the Niagara River farther to the northeast.  The Niagara River was the narrowest, but also the most dangerous of being caught.

Just before following Route 5 along the lake and entering into Pennsylvania the group discovered the East Side Diner in Conneaut(pop 12,485) and a morning break was required!  With stomachs full of root beer floats it was onto the next state.

The route paralleled the lake taking the group pass old electrical stations and coal depositories, through residential and resort areas, across another state line and a great ice cream oasis until finally into the city of Erie, PA (pop 103,717).  With  a short mileage day, it gave time to explore the city and an opportunity to sit on the water front and enjoy the view.  

Erie is the home of Harry Keller (1849-1922), the Dean of American Magicians.  He was the mentor to Harry Houdini and was the first American to be an international star in the magical arena.   Erie is also the home of the Lake Erie Maritime Museum and the US Brig Liberty.

First View of Lake Erie

East Side Diner, Conneaut, Ohio

Georgia, Debbie, Vicky, Marni, Rebecca Enjoying the Morning Root Beer Float!

Judy After Enjoying Her Shake!

Pennsylvania State Line

Official Penn. State Line!!

Frankie Getting a Bee Out of Her Jacket!

Ice Cream Break

Got To Have Something Cold!

Sue:  "I'll Take One of Those!"

Erie's Harbour

USS Niagara