June 12:  Erie, PA to Hamburg, NY  87.8 miles

The last long day and everyone was ready for it.  The weather was clear and warm, but the breeze off the lake made it a little cooler than the temperature was reading.  For a biker -- that was perfect only that the breeze was blowing in the wrong direction!!  The group is headed north and the wind was headed south!!  Not a good mix!

But the scenery was fabulous -- Lake Erie to the left , hills to the right with vineries in between.  The hills are alive with grape vines.  

The route took the group from a metropolis of Erie out into the countryside of those small vineyards and lake views.  Very shortly into the day the line was crossed into our last state = New York.

The route followed the lake along Route 5 that eventually ends in Buffalo.  Our stop is Hamburg tonight and then onto Niagara Falls and Canada tomorrow.  

Lake Erie

Lake Erie Again!

New York State!!!!!

Cele, Carolyn Headed North!

The Group Crosses At NYS Line!!!

Frankie and Debbie On Break!

Judy and Frankie at Lunch!!!