June 14:  Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.  27.4 miles

The last day -- after almost six weeks of riding the group faced that last time together on their bikes.  The decision to all dress in the Woman Tours jerseys for one last time was an easy one.  Gathering outside the hotel with the clouds threatening to put a damper on the day, the riders filled tires and took pictures before gliding down the hill to the top of Niagara Falls for that "end of the trip" group picture.

Smile everyone!!  We made it!!

From there it was down the Niagara Recreation Trail once again to Niagara on the Lake.  The trail paralleled the Niagara River as it rushed to get from the falls to Lake Ontario.  Through quiet neighborhoods and vineyards the trail once again gave the group that wonderful serenity that was lost in the confusion of Niagara Falls.  A great gentle ride to the finish.

Arriving in Niagara on the Lake, a small town on Lake Ontario made famous by the Shaw Festival, the group scattered to window shop, eat lunch, and relax before heading to the motel situated outside of town.

As is traditional with Woman Tours, the final evening is an awards banquet in a local restaurant.  This time the company went all out and transported by van everyone to the Pinnacle Restaurant in Niagara Falls.  The dining area is high above the falls with all tables situated at windows looking out over a beautiful and spectacular view.

Awards and laughter finished the evening with good byes to a few who were departing for home that night.  The rest returned to the hotel and would be leaving early the next morning for Buffalo and flights home.  Bikes were loaded on the van to be shipped out early in the week.

The trip may be over, but the memories will live on for a long time.  Each push of the pedal was symbolic of the steps taken by the freedom seekers so many years ago.  Whether it be in rain or sun, wind or calm, the group persevered.  Riding nice roads during the daylight hours with a support van following made the trek easy compared to those before.  We were not running away from anything or one, we were following the brave individuals who risked their lives and achieved freedom.  

The Underground Railroad System was a phenomenal organization that saved many lives.  Each of us is proud to be able to say that we traced that route and learned so much about what took place in our country so long ago.

Morning Map Meeting

Last Morning Line Up

Last Tire Check

More Tires

Kris and Frankie:  "Let's Go!!"

Beverly and Lois

Lois and Frankie

Michelle and Laurie

The Group's Last Photo Shot

Up The River

Niagara Power Plant

Korean Group Photo!

Running into Old Friends in Niagara on the Lake!

View at Dinner!!


Sag Drivers Award Time

Judi Accepting the Best Dressed Award Again!

Judy Graciously Accepting Her Award!