June 16:  Laredo Rest Day!!

Being  rest day, the morning started slowly.  A nice breakfast of coffee con leche, pan (bread), jam, yogurt and sweet cakes set the day off right.  With all this walking one would think by the end we will all be tiny little women.  Wrong -- between the wonderful breakfasts, the great bread served with everything and the fantastic desserts, it will be hard to reduce even with all the walking.  

The mission for the day:  find small suitcases with wheels -- these duffel bags are getting heavier and heavier especially at the end of the day when one has to drag it to the room.  Jan, Nancy and Michele decided to mail their backpacks home -- I know Murphy's Law - the minute I mail mine, I'll need it, so just bought a suitcase big enough to hold both possessions and backpack!!  Figure a few more towns and I'll mail mine too.  Frankie and Angela have reduced their packs down to the size of a day pack, so they are keeping theirs also, but did get the rolling bags!  Mary is still hanging in there with the duffel bag concept.  

On the way back from the shopping spree we encountered a professional cycling race.  The night before at our hotel were all the officials from the group, so we knew that the racers were near us, but did not realize the route would pass through the middle of our town.  It is a multiple city circuit that is crisscrossing through Spain. 

The afternoon has been spent napping, lounging, anything that doesn't that a great deal of effort for tomorrow the Camino beckons again. 

Circuito Montano 2006(translation = tiny butts)