June 27:  Ribadesella to Colunga  35699 steps

After yesterday's back breaking day, the decision today is to eat breakfast at the hotel and then start out.  The map shows a couple of major ascends with little or no descends -- not a good sign.

A quick turn out of the hotel and away we go.  The ups and downs are to be rolling rather than severe, so the day should be easy to do.  The weather is again cool, humid and bordering on rain. 

Just when the route seemed gentle and relaxing, it turned upward but only in a short steep mode.  The terrain was forgiven by the beauty of what the eye saw.  Once again the mountains stood at attention to the left and the sea saluted to the right.  Each step brought another bit of wonderment to the day.  Whether gravel, asphalt, sand, or grass, the road less traveled fell before us.  It was a wonderful day!!!

We have crossed now into Asturia, the home of some of the best cheeses in the world as discovered at the evening's meal.  A salad with Asturia cheeses mixed among the greenest and most tender greens covered with hazelnuts swimming in a light vinegar and oil dressing!!  Am I making you hungry????

On the Road Again!

Frankie thinking if she really wants to go descend!

Local Grain Silos

Up and Up We Go!

Down and Down We Go!

Can I have a ride?????