June 28:  Colunga to Villaviciosa 31924 steps

A day of small hamlets, villages, and farmlands were the order of the day according to all documents at hand.  With backpacks full of water and supplies the group headed out once again early to get a head start on the day.  The weather this time was in our favor -- slightly overcastted and cool.  

The documents were right on -- one small village or hamlet after another rose out of the horizon.  Each one had its own distinct characteristics, but all had the look of a mixture of medieval times and modern newness.  The area seems populated with the old -- original farmsteads passed down from generation to generation -- as well as the new -- the "condo look" or refurbished farm houses being used by the occasional vacationer.

The pathways were paved in the hamlets, dirt trails between each.  Because of the rain the day before, many of the trails were muddy and rutted, but this group is getting very experienced in how to "dance" the "mud walk" so not to slip and fall.  Does create an interesting color to the socks as the dirt grinds into the material, but that's the look of the Camino!!

For a long while we had beautiful views of the sea as we walked over the meadows and slopes of the countryside.  Then the distance views disappeared to a mere few feet of fairyland enchantment of forest and ferns.  Each were phenomenal to experience and once again gave one an important gift of Nature.  The Camino may be hard to walk, but the environment encompasses one to such an extent, that all displeasure is forgotten and the peacefulness is reached with awe.

Arriving for the night brought tired, hungry bodies to a town known for its apple cider.  A shower and it was off to try the local hit!!  The tradition is to pour the cider from the bottle held high overhead into a glass held far below.  Each time we witnessed this act, it amazed us that the entire town was not floating in cider.  Try it -- put the bottle over your head, and pour into a glass at your knees!!!  Not in my house!!!  But it is fun to watch. 

Fairyland in a Tree

Tip Toeing Through the Ferns!

Let's go Down for awhile!

Sue on the Sea's Edge

Angela's new Italian Friend Angelo

Friends helping Friends!!


Angela in Ciderville!