June 2:  Burlington, IA Rest Day

Today is the day of chores!!  Bikes need to be cleaned, wash needs to be tended to, bodies need to be rested -- while not quite a day of leisure, it is one of a lower pace than those on the bike days.

First order of business after breakfast is a quick trip to the local bike shop.  Several had taken their bikes over last night to get some major work done and needed to pick them up today, so most of the rest of us "tagged" along.  You never know when you will need something you didn't even know existed until you see it at a bike shop!!!  New helmets for a couple, new gloves, a new shirt or two, and then of course, there is Kathy E, -- she needed new handlebar wraps, so why not buy a shirt to match -- bright purple and it goes with her helmet too!!  Oh so stylish. 

The afternoon is spent "doing your own thing" time.  Some go to town, others hang out at the motel, others do a little of both.  Map meeting is at 7am tomorrow and the forecast is saying winds from the northwest so it could be a "head wind" day making it an early to bed night tonight.

I Just Have To Have THAT Shirt!!

Dusty & Kathy at Snake Alley

Old Town Along Snake Alley

Snake Alley