June 30:  Oviedo Rest Day

Originally this day was to be the second half of a long walk into Oviedo, but a close look at the map and a inventory of pains in the feet, the decision was made that an extra rest day was far more beneficial than a walk through an industrial park.  Oviedo is a very large city and the Camino transgresses through the industrial section prior to coming up on the old part of town.  Like most big cities on the Camino, progress has overtaken the significance of the preservation of the original path.  If building a warehouse is needed, the heck with the pilgrim's footpath.  Let them walk around the building!!  No big deal, just not as all inspiring as walking in the woods!

The day has been spent investigating the city and all its historical sites.  At one of the museums housed in an old palace is an exhibit of El Greco.  The twelve Apostles, all painted in the 1500s, sit starring at you as you enter the exhibit hall --  Fabulous pieces of art that have lived on for centuries.

The city also has spread throughout the "downtown" life-size figures of people, some famous, in different poises of action.  A mother and child, a farmer, Woody Allen, a couple, all grace the walkways.  Art is a main theme here and very well done.

The main cathedral is overwhelming in its beauty.  Today, while visiting the main chapel there was a wedding in progress.  Quietly we sneaked around in an attempt to not disturb the ceremony.  But the sight of all the gold and frescos on the alter brought "ahs" and ohs" from us in such uncontrollable moments, that we almost stopped the wedding at about the time they were asking if there was any reason to not marry the couple.  Now this is the main cathedral in a large city, so we figured that the couple was from a very important family -- not some one you wanted to anger!!!  

Cathedral of Oviedo

Sue after the Wedding!

Old Town Oviedo