June 5:  Xenia to Dublin, OH  67.7 miles

The storm is gone and the warm front has arrived.  Predicted temperatures of close to 90 is being broadcasted on the weather channel as everyone arrives at breakfast.  The route promises to be relatively flat today including two bike paths and a long stretch out in the countryside passing one large farm after another.  Also, the state of Ohio has conveniently painted yellow arrows and a figure of the state on the roads to show us the way.  If we get lost in our maps all we have to do is watch the pavement for the correct turn!!

But first, it is a stop at the Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce -- the unincorporated community named after William Wilberforce, an 18th century anti-slavery Englishman.  The town is the home of Wilberforce University founded in 1856 as the first African American-owned and operated university in the nation.  Directly on the route and housing a display of the growth of Afro-American influence in the US, it is only appropriate that we, the followers of the freedom seekers, would want to learn more about what they and their relatives accomplished after being allowed to pursue a free life.  

The museum doesn't open until 9am, but the curator spotted us on his front walk and immediately opened the place, turned on the lights and gave us full rein to go and see whatever we wanted.  Ironically, at the same time the director of the museum was taking pictures of a fabulous quilt exhibit done by Afro-American quilters from all over the US.  He decided that a group of mature women riding the Underground Railroad Route would be excellent additions to his catalogue --  representing the "followers of the Underground Railroad Bike Route" the group willingly sat for all the pictures.

On to the countryside and miles and miles of flat farmland.  The remnants of yesterday's storm could be seen in every field.  Standing water giving the appearance of small ponds filled the corn fields.  The only ones happy about this predicament were the Canadian geese that had just flown in!

Another plus to the aftermath of the storm was a great wind out of the south.  In that we are traveling north it gave all of us a gentle but steady push all day.  Nothing like sitting on a bike and watching the speedometer increase in speed and you aren't pushing down at all on the pedal.  Just sit and glide was the way of the day.

Dublin, a suburb of Columbus is our home for the evening.  We are steadily moving north now away from the hills of the south.  The terrain has flatten out to a mere ripple of road.  Nice change from all those ups and downs.

Morning Sag Stop

National Afro-American Museum, Wilburforce, OH

Waiting for the Museum to Open

Wilberforce University

Follow the Yellow Arrow!

A Friend Along the Way

We Are in Dublin Tonight!!!!