June 8:  La Crosse, WI  Rest Day

Yesterday's storm had long since moved on to the eastern side of the state and the sun rose in full view warming the air with each minute.  While most chose to sleep in some, the group could be found wandering around town around 9 am in pursuit of a latte or cappuccino.  With paper in hand, several of us settled in on a cafe with chairs on the sidewalk in full view of that wonderful warm sun.  Nothing like a muffin, coffee and the newspaper to start a day of rest!!

And -- alas, directly across the street from the coffee shop ("Grounded") was a outdoor sporting goods store.  Now to a bunch of middle aged bicycling women, outside of that coffee there is nothing better than a sporting good shop!!  There is always something in one of those that must be purchased, even if one has no idea when or where one will use the item once home.  It's like a good hardware store.  One can never have enough screws and bolts!!!

Exhausted from all that "looking" and hungry -- got to have lunch.  On the riding days we must eat every hour in order to keep up the energy levels.  On rest days -- heck, why change the habit!  Soup and salad and off to ride the river boat down the river for the afternoon.  

The ride took us five miles up the river to the next lock and dam, then returned to LaCrosse,  The boat is relatively new but modeled after the old steamboats of the past.  A slow ride complete with history lesson, beautiful vistas, and warm air -- great afternoon pastime.

The rest of the day is just rest with dinner early at one of the local restaurants.  Tomorrow it is back on the road again so early to bed is scheduled.

Our Riverboat

Our Boat Only Closer!!

Edith & Frankie

River Turtles

LaCrosse Bridge

"Chief LaCrosse"