May 9:  Moblie, AL to Bay Minette  36.4 miles

The sun was shining, the humidity was high (98%) with the air temperature hovering around the mid 80s and it was only 7:30am!  But it didn't matter -- today we were going to start the trek north.  Excitement was high as everyone arrived at our reserved spot on the hotel driveway for breakfast, and luggage weigh-in.  With so many on the trip an allowance of weigh becomes a necessity.  No one wants the trailer 's axles to give out from too much weigh part way to Canada!.  Anything over 35 pounds needed to be repacked!  But let me take a minute to introduce you, the reader, to life on the road and its accommodations.  

Bo Peep, Our Sag Wagon

Our Van and Trailer

Patti's Kitchen

Our Breakfast Dining Area

Our Breakfast Table

Breaking Bread Together!


AND Our Leaders -
Executive Chef: Patti & Master Guide and Decision Maker: Laurie!

As soon as everyone had "carbo loaded" for the day's venture the group strolled over to a small park a few blocks from the hotel to take the customary "group shots" before officially beginning the ride.  

Woman Tours' First Underground Railroad Route Trip , 2008

But now on to the trip.  Fortunately for the group today is Saturday, so traffic is light as we weave our way out of town and onto US 90, a major four lane highway that leads up and over the river ways and across the delta to the eastern side of the city.  Crisscrossing over on ramps, staying away from highway litter that is guaranteed to slice a tire or two, and watching out for the occasional pickup truck that loves to lay on its horn as it goes by seem child's play as the group rides single file out of town.  The yellow train is in motion!!

Very soon out of the city we pass the Battlefield Memorial Park which quickly reminds us that while we may be tracing a piece of history from the 1800s, there is still the present day strives to content with.

Battlefield Memorial Park

Once out into the countryside the terrain switches from the flat delta areas with the smell of sea air to that of rolling hills with the pine forests mixed with jasmine.  The wind is slight, and seems to be pushing from the south which is wonderful as the bike coasts down one hill to glide up the next.  The area at first is a mixture of well to do subdivisions hidden amongst the pines, but quickly turns to a more trailer or small home variety.  The area is well kept and clean, so there is a sense of pride in the neighborhoods.

The ride from Mobile to Bay Minette is short, a mere 36 miles so in a short time everyone arrives at their motel with much of the day still available for whatever.  Tomorrow brings a long day, so this short start is just a tease!!