May 11:  Jackson, AL  Rest Day

A 100 mile day the second day of the trip can tire even the best rider out, so a day of rest has been granted.  Also tomorrow requires another long ride, so might as well get some rehab time while we can get it.

Jackson, AL is a small quiet town in the middle of a large lumbering area.  There are two major companies foresting the trees in the area, so the sight of lumber trucks barreling down the road is not uncommon and will be a experience starting tomorrow in that we share the same roads.  The typical fast food restaurants dot the highway near our hotels (there are too many of us to all be housed in the same!).  The local  WalMart greet visitors as they enter the city limits and Walgreen's says goodbye as one exits.

The history of this area can be found at the following link.

Today a few bikes needed repair, some only cleaning, others a tightening or replacing of a cable, while others seem to be holding out.  It is only the second day of riding, so hope is high that these are all just minor little adjustments.  Fortunately our guide, Laurie, not only knows her way up the route, but is an excellent bike mechanic and can solve the most difficult of situations!!

To bed early tonight and back on the road at sunrise.