May 16:  Columbus, MS Rest Day  0 miles

The perfect ingredients for a perfect rest day -- sleep in, eat late, massage before lunch, walking tour of the town and a quiet evening at the hotel.  Throw in a little bicycle cleaning and maybe a refill of the tires along with warm cookies complementary to the hotel and the best rest day ever is created!

Several of the group who did not ride yesterday due to the weather decided to ride the last part of the route today.  Others decided that the rain may have washed the bike, but the road dirt found the chain and needed to be cleaned off.  Some looked to do wash, while others got caught up on their emails.  All just took the day as it came and didn't rush to anything.

Those who chose to walk around Columbus found a quiet old village -- the birthplace of Tennessee Williams -- with the Main Street lined with vacant buildings from the turn of the century that the local community leaders are trying to restore.  Unfortunately, not too far out of the village proper one finds the Wal-Mart takeover along with every fast food invented.  The quaint stores in the old section are struggling to compete -- many not able to -- thus an appearance of a dying downtown.  Many boarded up or "for rent" signed storefront prevail.

However, it still is quaint and the location of the University of Mississippi for Women add that college town feel.  Main Street still has its original barber pole!

Columbus, Mississippi Landmark!

Confederate States of America Memorial

Frankie at Tennessee William's Birthplace