May 17:  Columbus to Fulton, MS  82 Miles

Sunshine and 50 degrees met the group as they descended on the breakfast buffet in the hotel parking lot at 7am.  Oatmeal and eggs -- what better way to start the day!  The ride today would continue following the Tenn.- Tombigbee Waterway, through rural Mississippi passing through several small towns like West Point, Aberdeen, Amory, Smithville and Tilden.  

The roadway has leveled out somewhat in the last couple of days allowing each rider to just pedal along with no major effort or concern.  Today's roads passed by farmlands in the beginning stages of plant growth.  While several roadside signs proclaimed the area to have the best soybean, the fields were predominately corn.  Makes one wonder if the demand for ethanol hasn't moved the "cash crop" focus away from the soybean in search of that magic winner. Horses dominated the livestock with cattle coming in a close second.  A few goats scattered here and there with an occasional chicken thrown in rounded out the farmyard.  The terrain is less forested now with open fields carpeting the landscape.  The homes range from relatively new large farm houses to trailers decorated in yard art.  

Each town, however, display their pride through their old 19th and early 20th century restored mansions standing at attention along the main streets.  With small signs at each entrance stating the age and original name, the homes reek of antiquity and elegance.  At one point in the life of the South in these small towns, wealth was predominate. 

But it shouldn't be assumed that a comfortable life is no longer.  Country clubs can be seen periodically off on the horizon, large modern homes sit back off the roads, highways lead to major cities -- the towns serve a diversified, but very friendly population.

Lunch was had by most of the group in the town of Amory.  Without realizing it, the group stumbled upon a cute small restaurant that bent over backwards to accommodate our varying tastes.  The waitress called in the owner to help and within a short period of time gourmet meals were being placed in front of each rider.  Being such a nice day the group chose to sit outside and eat -- which meant taking over the whole sidewalk -- no problem, the residents just walked out into the street and around! 

Tonight the home away from home is a Days Inn outside of Fulton, MS.  After a grand dinner in the parking lot, the group has headed to bed.  Tomorrow promises to be a return to the land of hills so everyone wants to get a good night's sleep.

Tenn-Tombigbee Runoff Swamp

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Tenn-Tombigee Waterway

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Sue on the Waterway


Sag Stop

Where Do We Go?

Who Cares!  Let's Just Eat!

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