May 26:  Henderson to Lewisport, KY  66.8 miles

The ride today required a degree of determination.  The skies threatened from the time we saw daylight to bring a deluge of water our way and they did.  At first it looked like the storm would pass to the south of us, but nature decided that we all looked just too clean and turned the clouds back into our path.  The rain started slow allowing rain gear to get assembled and put into place.  It even stopped for a few miles to tease everyone into thinking the rain gear wasn't necessary.  But then -- old Mother Nature let out a yell and let the skies cry!!!

The route was over flat farmlands, so there were no places to hide or duck from the weather.  The only alternative was to pedal, splash, pedal, splash, pedal and more splash!!  The storm was moving rapidly turning the sky from a gray overcast to a black ceiling.  The wind started to join in on the fun turning the rain pellets to a sideways angle at times to give even more interest to the ride!

Owensboro (pop 54,067) sits about midway of the route and appeared on the horizon just as the black sky reached overhead and the winds swirled around us.  While most of us don't frequent fast foods places on a normal day, the strip sure looked inviting today.  A quick jump into a Subway restaurant gear and all saved the day!!!  Think the clerk was so surprised to see anyone out riding that she was in a state of shock and just let us drip!!

Once the skies turned back to gray, the ride continued.  The rain remained throughout the rest of the day, but not with such gusto as earlier.  Tired and wet the group coasted into Lewisport (pop 1655) for the night.  The chore of cleaning the bikes and drying the gear is the duty of the evening.  Tomorrow promises to be another day and the weather could be the same.

The few pictures today are a result of a very well protected backpack where the camera was housed and a lack of desire to disturb it!!

Today's Sunbeams -- Look Closely!!!!

Maceo,KY -- Entire Town!  But Definite Signs of the Underground History!