May 28:  Brandenburg to Louisville, KY  49.2 miles

Yesterday's humidity was gone and in its place the overnight cold front had moved in.  The air temperatures were in the 50's with overcast skies preventing any hope from the sun to warm us as we rode.  Nature had also conveniently given us a northeasterly wind that was going to blow in our faces for the next 45 miles!!  We had crossed into the Eastern Daylight Savings Time Zone now so sunrise was even later.  After a hard long ride of the day before, the idea of rising in the dark to get excited about riding again in the cold was not appealing to anyone.  But what a group -- not a whine out of anyone, just put more clothes on, drink one more cup of hot coffee and let's get this day over with.  We are headed to Louisville, and a day off!!

Within a few miles of the route we crossed over the Ohio River and entered Indiana.  The hills of yesterday were on the Kentucky side or so we thought.  The river is very symmetrical so there are plenty of hills on this side too!!!

Actually, the ride would have been a beautiful one under any other circumstances.  The road twisted and turned through the countryside climbing up and away from the river below.  The rollers were relatively short which without a head wind, one should have been able to coast down one to glide up the next.  However, old Mother Nature just wasn't finished with us yet.  She puffed and blew from the left, right and directly at us forcing everyone to resume that routine of the day before.  Pedal down the hill, pedal up the hill, pedal, pedal, pedal!!  Every so often Mother Nature would tease the group by hiding behind a row of trees or maybe an old barn, but as soon as the area opened up again, it was wind tunnel testing ground.  

Corydon (pop 2787), the former capital of the Indiana Territory, is the first sign of civilization on the day's route.  While a somewhat prosperous community its location close to the major city of Louisville contributes to the number of subdivisions that seem to be appearing as we pedal.  Edwardsville at the other end of the Corydon Ridge Road (guess what kind of terrain!) sprouts even more and grander new homes.  After so many days in the "back woods" America, it seems strange to see such dwellings.

On to New Albany and the Carnegie Library that houses an Underground Railroad History.  By now the group is needing a break from the hill pounding and wind, so sitting in a lecture hall watching a video about what and where we are seems very inviting!

In order to avoid rush hour in Louisville, the group heads out through Clarksville, down through Jeffersonville and across the Lewis and Clark Bridge back into Kentucky.  The next two days are "refuel the body" days with rest and relaxation.  Once again it is wash day, massage day, reading day and hopefully nap day.

Frankie in the Cold Indiana Air!


Road Into the Woods!

Road Into the Fields!

Frankie Warming Up!

Indiana Hill Country

Vicky in Them There Hills!

More Fields

Old School House with Privy

Sue, Chris, Rebecca, On The Road Again


Mary Waiting for Holly's Picture Taking!

The Picture in Jeffersonville, IN

Lewis and Clark Bridge back into Louisville, Kentucky

Patty at Restaurant -- Cook's Night Off!

Joyce and Laurie

Judi and Mary at Dinner