May 29:  Louisville, KY  0 miles

A late morning start to a slow day!!  The weather is couldn't be better.  The air has warmed, the humidity is low and all we have to do is rest for the entire day.  Some have taken off to discover the city, some are doing chores, some have discovered that Louisville has several bike shops, and others are just strolling the area.  

Louisville (pop 556,429) is the home of the Louisville Slugger (baseball bat for those of you non-baseball fans), Mohammad Ali, Diane Sawyer, the Belle of Louisville, and of course, Churchill Downs.  But that is the Louisville of today.  In the times of the Underground, it too played a role.  Situated on the Ohio River and in a "allowable to have slave" state, it had one of the major slave markets of the era.  The Fugitive Act of 1850 stated that it was permissible to captured escaped and/or freed slaves and return them to their original owners in the south for a ransom -- or just merely capture them and resell them to the highest bidder.  This made every black person a possible target of abuse and resulted in the phrase "being sold down the river" in being coined.

The importance of the abolitionists, both black and white, became paramount during this time.  The use of safe houses and tunnels with hope of smuggling each man, woman and child out of the state and across to freedom was secretive but flourishing.  The many codes and signals that were secretly passed on through songs and stories could be heard along the river's edge as the "railroad" processed the passengers to safety.

Our day is here to relax and enjoy the sights -- much different from those who proceeded us so many years ago.

Trivia Facts of Louisville:  


Mr. Brown and His Dog in Front of His Brown Hotel

Judi and Her Man

Mary and Her Man

Holly: "Okay, Where is The Restaurant?"

Sue:  It is Right Here On The Map!"

Holly and Judi Happy at Lunch

Mary Too!!!!

Mary, Frankie, Holly and Judi at Lunch!

The Group After Lunch

Sue and Her New Bike