May 30:  Louisville, KY to Madison, IN  55.8 miles

Another beautiful day for riding.  The air temperature was warm, the skies clear of clouds and the wind fluttering oh so slight.  The route had us crossing the Ohio River immediately and back into Indiana for a country ride up the northern banks to Charlestown (pop 8052).  The town is celebrating it's bicentenial this year, so the city square was all decked out in the "red, white, and blues"!  Made a perfect stop for that mid-morning snack!!

The terrain promised to be a little challanging today and didn't let us down.  The banks of the river climb steadily upward and the road follows suit.  As we approached New Market (pop 654) the road went vertical.  The humidity had by now also headed upward, so that push, pull, pedal, push, pull, pedal turned quickly into a sweat drip, groan, pull, push, sweat drip, oh my lungs, push, where is the top, sweat drip, I can do this -- maybe I can walk faster than pedal!  About half the group chose sweating and heavy breathing, and half chose walking.  Either way everyone got to the top of the hill to find New Market was an old church and closed general store!!

On to Madison and the first town with existing safe houses still standing along the river banks.  Safe houses were spots where the fleeing slaves could hide before being moved on to their next haven.  The town of Madison is also the home of the Lanier Mansion, a Greek Revival home built on the river in 1844.  It is a public museum today with its long cascading formal gardens running down to the river's edge.

Charlestown, IN

Charlestown Sag Stop

Charlestown's Bicentennial Year

Lois Getting a Close-Up!!

New Market Hill

Judi Conquering the Hill

New Market!

More of New Market!

Sue and Holly in Madison, IN Searching for the
Safe Houses

Sue and Holly Determined to Find Those Houses!

Holly and Judi Finding the Houses!!

Madison's City Fountain

Lanier House

Lanier House from the Front

Sue and Holly Sightseeing!

Downtown Madison Getting A Facelift

The First Bike Shop!!!

Main Street, Madison, IN

Old Barn in Downtown

A Courtyard