May 31:  Madison IN to Dry Ridge, KY  60.3 miles

Leaving Madison, IN wasn't difficult -- a 4 mile downhill ride!!!!!  The skies were gray and there was a wind to speak of -- but it was to our backs!!  A biker's dream:  tailwind!!!!

The first part of the ride took us along side the river on a flat, well paved road.  As the river traffic glided by, the riders sailed with little effort.  About 6 miles into the route the road once again crossed over the river and back into Kentucky.  The boundary lines between the two states is like a jagged edge following the path of the river.  The town of Carrolltown  (pop 3861) was the first sign of civilization with a bank and ATM along with an old jail sitting directly in the middle of its town square.  Something is to be said about a town that lets you take money out of your account, but wants you to know that you better not think of taking anyone's else's!

The route continued along the river for the next 10-15 miles allowing everyone to just "cruise along".  But all good things must come to an end.  There sitting smiling at each one of us was that hill.  Fortunately, this time is was only an easy 3% grade so the mile length seemed to be nothing.  And -- what goes up must come down, so that 3% downhill felt nice. 

But then it is back up into the countryside.  The terrain now is a mixture of ridges and valleys.  The fields seem to drop off at a very steep inclines which makes one wonder how the cattle and horses can stand to graze in the fields.  The road seems to just sit on top of the ridge and twist through the countryside.  The vistas are fabulous.  One can see for miles in all directions.  When down in the valleys the forests are so thick that one can not see but a few feet into the density.  A train passed by at one point and only the sound could be heard.  The forest hid any sign of movement.

The towns that populate these areas are few and far between.  Farming seems to be the main source of revenue with wheat and corn being the major corps; cattle and horses the livestock.  The map shows Easterday, and Eagle Station but only an occasional sign signifying the spot where it should be is left.  The town of Sanders has a closed  store and Sparta a small general store fresh out of the early 50s.  Quick refueling and on to another ridge climb and the town of Dry Ridge(pop 2178) for the night.

Barge on the Ohio

Frankie on the Ohio!


The Jail in Carrolltown, IN

Town of Folsom!

Folsom Ridge

More Folsom Ridge

Iris Among the Fields!