February 13: Serengeti National Park

Up early before the sun, a quick wash of the face in the waiting warm water delivered with the morning's "Jambo" at the tent door and a complete breakfast prepared in the dark, then off for a full day of looking for game. During the night the sounds of the hyenas scampering around the grounds and an occasional lion roar didn't stop anyone from having a wonderful night's sleep in the fresh air.

Ahadi and his fellow drivers, Selemani and Fadhili out did themselves in locating animals of all sizes and shapes starting with a lion "cat napping" in a tree just down the "road" from the camp. One has to remember to not only look ahead and behind, but up as well! Never know when something might be just hanging there!

Cat Napping!

Who's Making So Much Noise? I'm Trying to Nap


Baboon Having Breakfast

African Hawk Eagle

Cape Buffalo


Nile Monitor Lizard

Elephants on Parade

Keep Moving Junior, or I'll "Tusk" You!

Out of Our Way!

I Said, Move!

Oh, To Just Scratch That Itch!!

Marabou Storks

Hyenas Morning Bath

I'm Done! Let's Go!

The Life of a Hippo!

Lion Family On Patrol

Where's Dad?

Here I Am!

It Is Time For Dinner!

No! I'm Going To Take Another Nap

Lesser Flamingos