February 15: Serengeti National Park

Last full day in the Serengeti and it is Hippo Day!! After an all night rain, the ground is pretty muddy with large pools of standing water in the middle of the dirt roads. Thank goodness for four wheel drive, as the group bounces over the terrain slipping and sliding in the mud holes and up embankments. But the "dirty" trip is well worth it with once again a vast variety of animals seen enjoying the cooler air of the morning and the cool water swim in the afternoon's sun.

The hippopotamus is one of the larger mammals of the plains and spends the majority of its time semi-submerged in a fresh water pond or river. Its skin is very sun sensitive and will crack or burn easily, so staying wet or at least under the surface of the water, the animal is protecting itself. This, however, limits its movement and the defecation process occurs directly in the water creating a pungent aroma on the surface. Or as was witnessed by the group -- when defecating on the shore, the hippo will use its tail to "wipe" itself resulting in dung being tossed in many directions. Staying clear of a hippo is wise on many levels!

Dawn's Early Light

Here We Go Into The Mud Hole!

Mother and Child Baboon

Nothing Like A Good Mud Bath!

Black-backed Jackel


Grey Heron

Lilac Breasted Roller

Marabou Stork


Baby Crocodile

Daddy Crocodile

Hippo Swimming Hole

Move Over!

Okay, Everyone Turn Right!

Now Let's Go Left!

This Is Just Too Much Work!

Excuse My Butt!

Too Crowded For Me!

Finally I'm Not Constipated!


One Last Wipe With The Tail! Look Out!!

Yes!! I Feel Much Better Now!

Cat Napping!!