February 16: Serengeti National Park To Ngorongoro Highlands

After breakfast the group says good bye to the Serengeti Camp Crew and heads out across the plains to return to the Ngorongoro Highland area. This time the wildebeest herds have moved to cover the wide area of land that is necessary to cross to get to the destination. Once again millions upon millions of zebras and wildebeests move in unison across the grassy land. The smell of the rain from the night before lead the way.

As the group approaches the Ngorongoro Highlands the sight of the crater once again appears on the horizon. This time rather than driving the rim, the route takes the group down into the caldera formed by the ancient walls of a collapsed volcano. The crater, itself, is roughly twelve miles across with steep walls of over two thousand feet. At the rim's edge it is seven thousand five hundred feet above sea level. With a permanent supply of water and precise balance of predator and prey within the confines of the crater, most of the wildlife remain year-around. It is within this area that the evasive black rhino can be seen.

Lunch today is a picnic at the Ngoitokitok Springs where a pool of fresh water serves at a home for a herd of hippos. Unfortunately the group must eat in the vehicles because the kites are so plentiful and known to take food right out of one's hand. Story has it that a tourist attempted a "YouTube" video placed food on his head while his wife filmed the bird stealing the morsel. Problem had it that the bird didn't know the difference from the meat of the sandwich and the scalp of the man. Trip to hospital ended a nice vacation! No one in this group wanted to risk ending a great vacation in such a way!!

Baby Wildebeest

Hungry Hyena!

Wildebeest and Zebra On The Go!

A Little Break For A Snack!

"You Looking At Me?"

Wildebeest to Zebra: "Keep Moving Or I'll Butt You!"

Road Block

Another View of Road Block

No One Seems To Be In A Hurry!

Okay, We'll Move


"Hey, When You Get To Be My Age -- You'll Move Slow Too!"

I'm Still Hungry!

View Of Ngorongoro Crater From The Rim

Another View

Road Carved in the Side of The Wall

View of Road From Below

Wildebeests With Young


First Sightings of Black Rhinos

Closer Now -- Here They Come!

Changed Their Minds -- Leaving!


Mr. and Mrs. Lion

Mr. and Mrs. Hippo in Ngoitokitok Springs

Helmeted Guinea fowl

Sacred Ibis

Secretary Bird


Road Out of Crater

Closer View of Road

Tloma Lodge

Home For Two Nights

Another Angle of Room