February 17: Ngorongoro Highlands (Karatu)

Today's venture is a special treat for anyone connected to the field of education. A visit at a local school has been arranged by Ahadi in order for the group to meet with the principal and learn how Grand Circle Foundation (a wing of the OATS organization) is helping through its World Classroom Initiative. The unfortunate part of this excursion is that it is a Sunday and the children will not be there.

Agnes, the Head Teacher or Principal welcomes the group and freely answers questions about the school, its students and its needs. Grand Circle Foundation donates annually to identified schools around the world that need help in providing a sound education to their students. The money at this particular school (grades 1 through 8) has gone for supplies, equipment, classroom renovation, beautification of school grounds, fruit trees for the school garden to name a few. Agnes is very proud of her school and gives the group a tour of the premises.

Children in Tanzania are required to attend school through age 16. However, the Masai do not record their birthdate, so there is no official way of determining who is of school age. Also, the Masai honor their ancestral customs and culture more than those imposed by the government and as a result do not necessarily send their children to school for the required years.

Next on the agenda is a trip to a village of a Iraqw tribe. While agriculture serves as a prominent source of employment for the community, the main one is a brick making industry. Each family in the village plots out their own area to make the bricks and then engages all members of the family to "work" the site. The local guide was Paulo, the chief of the village. He not only gave the group a tour of the brick making, but welcomed everyone into his home for a special treat of ugali, a East African staple of a corn and bean stew. This was followed by a concert of traditional music performed by his wife, Pauline, his children, a few neighbors and himself. After which the group was encouraged to participate in dressing and dancing in traditional garb. Fun was had by all.

Name of The School

Agnes, the Principal and Ahadi in Front of the School's Office

Out Front of Main Office Building

Non-refurbished Classroom -- Light is Only What Comes In The Windows -- No Electricity

Refurbished Classroom -- Also With No Electricity

Multi-Purpose Room -- Serves as Dining Hall For Breakfast and Lunch

Kitchen Stove

Another View of Stove

Stove's Firewood

Ahadi with Paulo, Iraqw Chief

Iraqw Village

Women of The Village

Bricks Drying

Brick Worker Making Bricks

Filling The Brick Form With Mud


Kiln Fire Source

Jan Admiring Sylvia's New Skirt

Christine Modeling Her New Outfit

Tony Modeling His!

Bill, Karen and Tony in Style Show

Nell and Tony Enjoying Their New Look

Karen and Bill Showing Off Their Look

Sylvia: "Do You Think I Could Wear This At Home?"



Paulo Introducing His Team

Audience Participation Time!

"Okay, How Do We Do This?"

Nell: "I Think I've Got It!"

Kathy: "Not Sure About This!" Sylvia: "This Is Fun!!"

Time For The Men To Join In!

A Child's Face Says It All!

In Karatu!!