February 1-2: Flight to Nairobi

The long day's travel began with a bone chilling -5 degrees outside and the realization that today's attire had no room for cold weather clothing!! The layered look was going to have to be the look of the day. No room for heavy sweaters or jackets on this trip!

Arriving at the beginning airport another surprise was met with astonishment. The plane was not only late due to a need to be overly de-iced because of the extreme cold, but the compressor was not working so the cabin would not be able to change pressure as the plane ascended into the sky. Airline's solution: fly the plane at 9000 ft, instead of the normal 25,000' and fly slow!!! All passengers were warned of possible ear problems and given a chance to change flights free. I had no choice if I wanted to connect with my oversea's flight. Now or never!! So off we went an hour and half behind schedule and barely skimming Lake Michigan below us. The first of many new experiences on this trip I am sure!!

Flight to Detroit = 1 hour, plus 1.5 hour delay; Detroit to Amsterdam = 8 hours; Amsterdam layover = 3 hours, Amsterdam to Nairobi = 9 hours arriving in Nairobi at 8:45 pm Nairobi time (9 hours ahead of home time). Customs was quick and non-existent, pre-arranged ride to hotel on time, in hotel room by 10:30pm tired!

Nairobi, for many reasons, is under high security status. Before being allowed to drive onto the hotel property, the car needs to be searched for bombs. There is a security screening check point just outside the main entrance to the lobby. The halls are patrolled by armed guards. At first it was very disconcerting to see all of this, but have now settled back into relief that the guards are there. It is too bad that there is the threat, but at least I know that the hotel is as secure as it can be.

Lights out very quickly -- one mosquito that tried hard to keep my awake only to end its life!