February 4: Masai Mara Game Reserve

After a late morning breakfast and a leisurely mid afternoon spent relaxing and trying to acclimate to the time zone, the group finally met and began the voyage into the interior. The trip to Masai Mara Game Preserve requires a little over an hour ride over the countryside in a small 10 seater plane. Before embarking however, each person's luggage needs to weigh in at less than 15 kilo (33 lbs) total including carry-on. Anything over will be left behind! Not wanting to part with anything -- each of us stuffed pockets to the fullest with the heavier items. Those with safari vests lucked out but looked definitely like Captain Kangaroo!!!

Once airborne the view was spectacular. The landscape spread out over the terrain in a vibrant green as if blanketing the earth with velvet. Plateaus turned into mountains, mountains descended into valleys, pin-striped roads wiggled around the hillsides passing small patches of civilization. The plains went on forever. Then out of nowhere came this short red line that was to act as our landing strip.

upon landing the group was met by our guide, Anthony Pesi, a local Masai, the African tribe of this area. The next was a 45 minute drive off into nowhere. As far as the eye could see was only Nature without the hand of man. The journey was to include bouncing along in a Jeep Rover which has been designed to have large roof openings enabling the riders to stand and observe or hang on, which ever is the immediate need. The roads are mere paths in the earth or dried up river beds. However, the beauty of the area makes one forget very rapidly any discomfort from the ride.

The home base for the next couple of days is Mara Sentrim Lodge. Situated deep in the game reserve it offers the comforts of home within sight of the wild outdoors! Upon arriving each person was given a key to their "room" and a whistle to blow if in danger. The lodge's property was surrounded by a fence, but word had it that a spotted leopard had invited himself onto the premises and was to be avoided at all cost. Sentries walked the property at night to ward off any attack, but the whistle stayed close in hand!

What follows are pictures taken during this ride to the camp along with first sights upon arriving.

Animal sightings of the day:

Jackel Maasai Giraffe
Cape Buffalo Impala
Coke's Hartebeest (Antelope) Topi
Grant's Gazelle


Our Airplane

Our View

Another View

Masai Airport

Where We Are

Our Guide & Jeep

Our Group minus one



Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo Herd

Camp Greeters

My Tree House

My Bed!!