February 5: Masai Mara Game Reserve

After a early breakfast the group of seven loaded the Jeep for the morning's drive. Off over the countryside bumping around on the dirt roads with enthusiasm overriding any discomfort. All eyes are glued to the horizon when all of a sudden the cry of "look at one o'clock" comes from Anthony's mouth. There standing in front of a tree is a Maasai Giraffe munching on his morning's breakfast totally ignoring the intrusion of a diesel jeep! With cameras snapping, binoculars were raised to get a closer view -- when someone exclaimed, "look behind you!" There standing no more that a few feet was another giraffe finishing up her breakfast and getting ready to go for a stroll. And so began the day!!! One animal after another seemed to just take the group in stride and continued on with whatever the plan of the moment was. At times some were within a few feet of the vehicle. Other times the distance was at most 50 yards away. Anthony knew this land and knew the habits of all the animals. His eyes were phenomenal in his ability to spot something well hidden within the bush, but he did and shared each sighting immediately.

The morning's drive ended around 1 pm followed quickly by a wonderful buffet lunch at the lodge. With the heat of the day now at its fullest it is decided that the group will reconvene at 4:30pm for evening drive to another part of the park to witness the animals at the evening feed. Another great experience!

On an African safari it is the goal of each person to observe or spot the big Five (Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Rhino. Lion). The group is keeping track and Anthony promises to deliver. However, the cautionary statement at the beginning of the realization that there are only approximately ten rhinos in the entire reserve and are extremely evasive.

Animal sightings of the day (some multiple times):

Baboon White Billed Bastard
Zebra ***Cape Buffalo
***Elephant ***Lion (Mates), Lion Family with Cubs
Masai Giraffe Hippo
***Leopard Cheetahs
Impala Gazelles (Thompson)
Topi Dikdik


Daddy Warthog


Cheetah Getting Closer!

Right By Car!

Did NOT Find Us Tasty!!

Grey-Crowned Crane

Search Wagen


Hippo Pool

Lion Mates

Standing Guard

Lion Family

Lion Cubs

Topi Nursing Her Young


Cheetahs Napping!

On the Hunt!

Coming in for the Steal!


Family Headed to Dinner

Babies! With Mom

New Born

Cape Buffalo

Leopard Running into Bush

African Sunset