February 6: Masai Mara Game Reserve

The day starts early in the Masai Mara. The animals wait for no one to stretch their legs and start working on that day's hunt for food. As the sun rises above the horizon the group jumps into the Jeep to venture out into the countryside for today's sightings. Another successful venture to be had into Mother Nature's playground. Animals with their young graze the plains, birds sing to everyone's delight, families nap together under the acacia trees, young males venture out to test their skills at hunting, while the wind gently moves the grasses to give the impression of waves crossing the chasm.

The drive lasts all day with only a short break for lunch. The Masai Mara is over 583 square miles and there is a lot to see. The vehicle bumps down one lone road only to find another. With no map or street markings it could be very easy to get lost -- but Anthony knows the terrain like the back of his hand and takes the group from one exciting sighting to another.

Toward the end of the day word among the professional safari drivers was that there was an elusive rhino with baby hiding up in the bushes not far away. Within seconds twenty or thirty jeeps rushed over the countryside to get to the spot so that their customers could experience the thrill of seeing this animal. Anthony was way ahead of the others in deciding exactly where this rhino would be sitting. As the vehicles circled the assumed spot, Anthony slowly drove around behind and up over the hill -- there in plain view stood a black rhino with her baby!! At first all that could be seen was the horn on the mother, but then a sudden movement gave the baby's location away. The elusive and rare rhino was found!

Also in today's plan was an opportunity to "walk" the plains. With the animals appearing out of no where it can be a little unnerving to think of just wandering in the brush. Again, Anthony was way ahead of the group. The safest way to wander is to make sure one has a Masai warrior with them. Two miraculously appeared out of the shrubbery and with spears in hand to safely lead the tiny group on a hour's walk through the countryside. While no animals approached the group, several skeletons that were the remains of someone's lunch were found. The comfort in that is thinking that the predator was full!

Animal sightings of the day (some multiple times):

Jackel ***Lions
***Elephants with New born Babies, Elephants on Parade Antelopes (Topi)
Warthogs Baboons
Thompson gazelle Grant's gazelle
Topi Ostrich
Cheetahs after a kill, cheetah ***Water Buffalo
Horn Billed Vulture Lilac Breasted Roller
***Rhino with baby Hyenas

Daddy Baboon

Black Backed Jackel

Mom and Son

"Follow Me Junior! Don't Pay Any Attention to the People"

Lonely Giraffe

Lilac Breasted Roller -- Kenya's National Bird

Mother with Her Three Sons

Mom Up Close!

Boys On Patrol

Ostrich Family

Masai Mara

Masai Mara

Masai Warriors with Lion Claw and Tooth -- Proof That Each Had Killed a Lion with a Spear and was a Man!

Masai Warriors Protecting Christine and Sue

Sausage Tree

Sausage Tree Up Close -- Masai Make Beer From Sausages!