February 7: Masai Mara Game Reserve

Today the group is to leave for Tanzania so only a morning's drive is possible. But like those drives before it is spectacular! Fortunately -- the drive was the highlight of the day!

After spending another delightful morning in pursuit of the game of the Masai Mara it was time to say goodbye to Anthony and to climb back in the little 10 seater plane and head back to Nairobi to catch the flight to Tanzania. The time in Kenya was spectacular, but the trip beckoned us on to the next country. The international flight wasn't until early evening, but due to traffic and general Nairobi conditions, the group was to be deposited in a lounge near the Nairobi airport run by the Kenyan tour company that was acting as the liaison to our main trip. Conditions were not 5 star but passable considering the alternative was to sit at the airport gate for several hours.

About two hours before flight time the group was loaded once again into a van and driven to the security check point. Scrambling to get papers ready and suitcases on the conveyer belt created a sense of confusion with no assistance from our "new" Nairobi guide. He merely pointed to the door and motioned to go through. Not a hard task -- all made it only to find out at the ticket desk that the plane was oversold and only two actually had seats with four of the rest scheduled for the next morning and one with no ticket!! For the next 6 hours five of the seven people of the group conversed, argued, pleaded, begged and finally demanded that all get boarding passes on the next morning's flight, free hotel accommodations in a 5 star hotel in Nairobi with dinner and breakfast AND a bottle or two of a good wine. Nerves at this point were frayed and tempers easily ignited. The Nairobi tour company finally agreed, put us on a bus to the hotel and drove away!!

The evening was saved by a good meal and comfortable bed. 6 am the following morning we were back to the airport and on our way to catch up with the rest of the group in Tanzania. Nairobi is not our favorite city!!

Animal sightings of the day (some multiple times):

***Elephants ***2 Lion Family on Parade
Warthogs Ostrich
***Water Buffalo Giraffes
Stork Dik-dik
Coke's Hartebeest Topi
Gazelles Jackel
***Rhino with Baby  


Breakfast Time!

This Is My Acacia!!!

Defassa Waterbuck

Saddle-billed Stork


Wildebeests with Young

Mom Resting with Calf



Zebras Lunching with the Antelope

Zebras Escorting the Wildebeests


Our Anthony!!

Anthony: "I think I see some Lions!"


Who's There?

Dad Napping

It's Too Crowded Here!

The Kids Need Their Exercise

Come On!! Follow Me!!

Wait For Me, Mom!

Stay Together!

Back to Nairobi!