February 8: Arusha

A new day and a new land. The OATS rep was smiling as we walked off the plane greeting us with a warm "Jambo" and assuring us that he would catch us up to the rest of the group and try to make it as seamless as possible. Apologies were given, and off we went to begin the next chapter of the trip.

The agenda called for a visit to the Shanga River House,a cooperative where physically challenged Tanzanians are trained to create traditional jewelry and crafts from local fabrics and recycled materials. It also called for a cooking demonstration of traditional Tanzanian specialities followed by lunch. The "Overnight in Nairobi" group arrived just as lunch was being served!

Once fed and introduced to the rest of the group, the "Overnighters" either slowly strolled among the Tanzanians as they worked, learned about the coffee plantation or went directly to the hotel for a nap. The previous night's experience was taking its toll.

Later in the evening fully rested a full orientation was given by Ahadi Msuyato, our new "leader", to bring everyone onto the same page. Like Kenya's experience, Tanzania was going to be spectacular.

No wild animal sightings or pictures today.