Jan 14: Port Lockroy and Jougla Point

The morning brought another visitor to the ship from Port Lockroy. Port Lockroy is an old British research base from 1944 to at which point it was abandoned. In 1994 a group of people from the UK Antarctica Heritage Trust decided to begin restoration of the main building. Today it serves as a historic reminder of the early days of Antarctica exploration as a official post office, unique gift shop and a place where penguins and other birds nest. Gentoo penguins are everywhere that is possible to including Jougla Point where skeleton of a large whale can be seen. This is all that remains from the whaling times of so long ago.

After spending some time at the museum it was time to turn the ship north again and begin the journey back to Argentina. The route heads out through the Neumeyer Channel and back into the Gerlache Strait. While the time spent in Antarctica is now slowly coming to an end, it is not stopping anyone for searching the horizon for that last look at the killer whales. Dahlman Bay is a favor area for them and in order not to disappoint anyone the killer and humpback whales came out to play as the ship passed through their private playground.

Port Lockroy

Sleeping Penguin

I'm Going Swimming!

Scratch Time!

Guard Duty

Mom With Sleeping Chicks

Skeleton of a Killer Whale

Killer Whale