Jan 15 - 16: Headed Home Through Drake Passage

The ship has turned north now leaving Antarctica in its rear view mirror. The sea birds have come out to say goodbye as the sight of land disappears in the horizon. The waves are building to that famous multiple feet height. Seasick patches have all been put on; motion sickness pills taken; now for the roller coaster ride to Ushuaia.

The time on board is being spent to hear the last "pearls of wisdom" from the staff, or quietly reading or napping or just hanging out as the hours go by.

Scheduled arrival in Ushuaia is early morning January 17th. After disembarking there has been time allotted for a little Ushuaia time before boarding the charter flight back to Buenos Aires. Some of the group is continuing on the Easter Island; some are going to Iguazu Falls; some are doing their own thing and traveling around Argentina, while others are flying directly home.