Jan 17: Disemarking at Ushuaia and flying to Buenos Aires

The final day on ship had arrived way too soon. Luggage was to be outside the cabin doors by 7:00am with disembarking scheduled for 8:15am. The buses were waiting patiently on the dock to take the group to the local museum and then on to a local hotel for a late breakfast. This of course was after a final wonderful spread prepared by the ship's kitchen to make sure that no one left hungry!

Ushuaia is at the end of the earth and thus it's nickname "Fin del Mundo". The morning was warm in comparison to the days on the ship. The museum housed the story of the city. As mentioned at the beginning of this story, Ushuaia became the home to prisoners from the northern cities of Argentina. The government at that time wanted to populate the area and knew that no one other than prisoners would want to come to such a far away and out of the way place. Life was not easy here for anyone, free or in prison.

After a casual walk through the museum and town it was over to a hotel for a late morning "snack". Coffee, tea and any sweet thing one would want to go with it. One last calorie adding venture for the trip. Then off to the airport and a two and half hour flight to Buenos Aires. For some this was the end of a great trip, for others it was on to the next chapter. This "explorer" is off to Iguazu Falls!

The End of the World!