Jan 18: Iguazu Falls 100 degrees Fahrenheit!!

Caesar Place Hotel in Buenos Aires was once again the resting place for a night before boarding the plane to Iguazu Falls on the Argentinean and Brazilian border. The recommendation was to pack only a small carryon and be prepared for "hot" weather. After spending the last ten days in Antarctica, the thought of 90 to 100 degree temperatures was beyond belief. But the advise was well taken, the parka packed away in the larger suitcase along with the long underwear, gloves, sweaters, and such. The hotel graciously agreed to store the luggage until our return the next day.

We are a smaller group now. Only nine of us including Jen, one of the naturalists from the ship, were venturing into the jungle to see one of the new seven wonders of Nature, Iguazu Falls. The flight was a little over two and half hours bringing us into this "new" world around lunch time. Our local guide for the duration was ready with bus and box lunches as we sped off to the Iguazu National Park. The air temperature has definitely risen since leaving "Fin del Mundo". Jackets are shed and pants converted into shorts as the bus pulls into the parking lot.

Iguazu Falls is located on the Iguazu River at the edge of the Parana Plateau about 14 miles upstream from the confluence with the Parana River. It is approximately 1.7 miles long divided into about 275 separate waterfalls and cataracts. About half of the river's flow falls over a long and narrow chasm called Devil's Throat.

Today's excursion starts with a short small train ride to the top of the Devil's Throat viewing area. A short walk of about a kilometer brings one through the jungle, over the Iguazu River and to the very edge of the plateau. Monkeys, birds, turtles, play among the rocks and bushes as the tourists stroll by. An occasional cuati (Argentinean raccoon) comes out of the wild to search for someone's food. Signs ask tourists to not feed the animals, but the cuati are smart. A cookie or cracker left momentarily unwatched is instantaneously snatched much to the surprise of its owner.

And then there are the falls!!

The rest of the day is spent seeing the falls from every angle. Top, bottom, in a boat under the falls, along side, from the jungle, from the hotel -- each vista more beautiful than the next. The falls are truly one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature!

Park Entrance

Top of the Falls (Devil's Throat)

Looking Toward Brazil

A Little Closer

Over the Edge

All That Power

A Big Step Down

Enjoying the Spray

Looking Back Up the River

Rainbow View


Hornets' Nest

River Turtle

View of Falls from Hotel Room