September 18: Skopje Countryside

The morning is met with excitement. Today the bikes arrive, the fittings to begin immediately and then a ride out in to the countryside to adjust to the bike and its idiosyncrasies. The goal of the day is to enjoy the pedaling while seeing some of the area outside of Skopje. Main highlight of the day will be a visit to Matka Canyon and the Verlo Cave, believed to be the deepest underwater cave in the world. Adjacent to this cave is one that is above water level and descended down into a large cavern with stalagmites and stalagmites guiding the way to an underground lake. Lunch in a restaurant sitting above the Treska River overlooking the canyon walls is the treat for pedaling through traffic and out into the neighboring countryside.

Route for Today. Follow the Red Line!

Oh, Here Come The Bikes!

Jackie: "I Know I Can Do This If I Just Meditate First"

Alex: "Oh My God, I Have To Ride NOW!!"

Marla an Barbara: "Let's Just Be Patient and Our Bikes Will Show Up!"

Laurie: "Honest Wendy, This Is Your Bike."

Wendy is Ready!

Kit: "Let's Go!"

Jackie: "This Suspension Bridge Wasn't That Bad!"

Jackie M.: "Are We Having Fun Yet?"

Matka Canyon

On the Boat Headed to the Cave

View From Boat

Stalagmite/Stalactite in Cave

Submerged Lake in Cave

Fossilized Markings In Cave

Johnnie Jack, the Boat Captain!