September 20: Radika River Gorge

This morning there is the surprise of Nature again. The steady ping of rain against the windows awakens the group to the realization that today's ride, if taken, will be a wet one. Being high in the mountains one can see the thick clouds full of water spread out throughout the valley and up into the gorge leading to the hotel. The ride is a downward one twisting and turning as it follows the river Radika to the valley below. After a hearty breakfast the group vote has a third wanting to ride into the elements and two thirds choosing to stay dry on the bus. Rain gear donned and off the brave souls go being careful to not slip or slide on the wet road, but at the same time enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has provided. The rest settle into a warm bus ride down the mountain to the next meeting point.

The Rajcica monastery with the remains of the hand of St. George from the 4th century embedded in gold as well as the Radika River Gorge Duff Waterfalls should have been the target meeting point, but due to the torrential rains both are skipped in order to get the group to the final village of Vevchani and into guest houses in order to dry out! With a quick break in the clouds the group ventures up into the hillside to see the natural springs of Vevchani, however.

Tonight's stay has the group divided into four groups, each residing in a guest-house unique unto itself. One of the homes is the was at one time owned by the family of Michael Pupin. Pupin, born in 1858, went on to become a famous scientist in the United States. A graduate of Columbia University he is "best known for his numerous patents, including a means of greatly extending the range of long-distance communication by placing of loading coils (wire) at predetermined intervals along the transmitting wire (known as "pupinization"). Pupin was a founding member of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) on 3 March 1915, which later became NASA. " (Wikipedia)

Once dry and warm the group enjoys the hospitality of a local winemaster to sample his wares! Then it is on to a local restaurant to indulge in a wonderful local cuisine while being entertained by some folk dancers in ethnic costumes. A wonderful conclusion to a long day.


Emma: "It is going to STOP!"


Kathy, Jackie, and Sue: "Yes, This Too Will Pass!"

The Perfect Rainbow

Grist Mill

Entrance to the Park of Natural Springs

River Bed in Fall (Spring Raging River)

Natural Springs Cave

Group Exiting the Park

View From Guest-house


Red Peppers Drying in the Sun

Pupin Guest-house Room

Pupin Guest-house Courtyard

Wendy Sampling the Wine

Traditionally Dressed Folk Dancers

More of the Beautiful Performance

And More

And More

And Much More

Now Inviting the Group to Join

Group Dance!!