September 21: Vevcharnska River to Ohrid

Today's breakfast was prepared by each individual guest-house proprietor to the individual guests. Like the homes themselves the breakfasts had that personal touch. Eggs, tomatoes, bread, cheese, and strong coffee to wake up the systems!!

After regrouping the entourage embarks on a downhill coast to the oldest and possibly the deepest lake in Macedonia and maybe the Europe, Lake Ohrid. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its biodiversity. It is here that the group will reside for the next two nights.

"Ohrid is a small resort city on the hilly shores of Lake Ohrid in the southwest of the Republic of Macedonia. In the city’s compact old town, medieval churches, monasteries and open-air ruins stand alongside traditional houses with red-tiled roofs. The massive walls of the centuries-old Samoil’s Fortress, at the top of the hill, dominate the city skyline." (Wikipedia)

Market Day in Vevchanska

Another View of the Market

Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mother Church

First View of Lake Ohrid

Rante, Guide #1: "Ladies! Please Listen"

Lake Ohrid with Ohrid in the Distance

Sandra, Guide #2



Mad Rush to Hotel in Background!

Jackie and Kit