October 1: Split

High above the city of Split is the ancient fortress of Klis. At one time the "protector" of the city, it is now a ruin accessible only by traveling about 10 kms uphill. Built by the ancient Illyrian tribe, Dalmatae, it was a royal castle for many Croatian kings, and eventually became a large fortress during the Ottoman wars. Klis Fortress has guarded the frontier, being lost and re-conquered several times throughout its more 2000 year long history. Due to its location on a pass that separates the mountains Mosor and Kozjak, the fortress served as a major source of defense in Dalmatia, especially against the Ottoman advance, and has been a key crossroad between the Mediterranean belt and the Balkans. Today it is also one of the filming locations for the HBO program, Game of Thrones.

Split in the Valley from The Fortress Klis

Lauri Entering the Fortress

Lauri: "Okay, More Up??"

Ann: "Come On Guys, This Way to The Top!"


Ann and Lauri Providing Encouragement to Climb Higher!

Ann: "Is This Really Their Outhouse?"

Ann -- Caught in the Act!


Lauri: "I Love You -- Game of Thrones!!"