September 23: Split, Croatia

After a long flight from the USA through Munich, Germany the trip begins in the second largest city in Croatia and the largest city in the region of Dalmantia. On the eastern seaboard of the Adriatic Sea, Split is one of the oldest cities in the area. Basing the age on the construction data of the Diodetian Palace situated in the center of the "old town", the city is considered over 1700 years old! However, there is proof of a Greek colony of Aspalathos of the 4th century placing its birth around 2400 years ago!!

Today the city is a metropolis spread out over the countryside with the Diodetion Palace at its center in the Old Town. Fine shops, restaurants, apartments, all replace the ancient structures from the Medieval Age. Small winding alley ways lead one on a twisting and turning journey through the inner sanctums -- allowing the imagination to try to visualize what life was like 1700 years ago. Things have definitely changed, but the antiquity is still there.

Ann in Old Town

Up An Alleyway!


Palace Underground -- Discovered after WWII -- Was Filled with Medieval "Trash" until then!!

Medieval Olive Oil Press

Check Water Spout from Above to Funnel!

Golden Gate Entrance

Farmer's Market -- Nuts

Sausage Lady

Fruit Man

Church of Juniper by Night