September 24: Split/Trogir

The small historic town of Trogir is situated about a half hour outside the city of Split on a small island between the mainland and the Ciovo. Since 1997 it has been on the WNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and is the meeting place of the group with its ship and crew. Some of the group have arrived several days earlier and are well versed in the quaint little town; others are arriving from all points south and east -- each anxious to begin this venture.

The current waterfront of Trogir is lined with one luxury sailing vessel after another mixed in between small excursion ships. It has become one of the popular places of the rich and famous to play!

After a quick check in, it was off to the island of Solta for a bike fitting and a test ride up the island to a bee keeper's operation. A third generation "farm" producing not only honey, but a preservation of bees. A great deal of effort and time have been spent by this proprietor and his family to try to educate the world on the importance of bees and their role in the environment. The world wide population of bees has been greatly reduced by the use of pesticides resulting in a shortage of necessary bees to continue the circle of life with their pollination efforts.

Our Ship's Bow

Trogir's Promenade

Our Room

Ann Arriving

Ann Inspecting the Bikes

Off to Solta

First View of Solta


Our Captain

Sea Mermaids! First Dip in the Adriatic

Check Out Those Bike Gears!

Petra(Guide), Bee Keeper, Antonio(Guide)

Bee Keeper's Front Entrance

Bee Keeper's Motto


Lauri Getting Ready To Roll!

Ann Asking Petro (Our Lead Guide) The Way

Ann Befriending a Solta, Croatia Pup

The Azimut!! Our Home Away From Home