September 25: Stari Grad to Hvar

After a wonderful buffet breakfast it was off to explore the west end of the island of Hvar. Situated in the Adriatic off the coast of Split, it has one of the oldest towns of Croatia dating back to 385BC -- Stari Grad. Originally it was a Greek colony called Faros.

Stari Grad is one of Croatia's oldest towns, dating back to 385BC when it was a Greek colony called Faros. Within the city walls of Stari Grad sits the Tvrdalj, a large and well preserved fortified castle once belonging to the noted Croatian poet, Petar Hektorovic. Sitting in front of the castle is the statue of this great man.

From Stari Grad to Vrboska lays the Stari Grad Plain, a UNESCO world Heritage Site, a mixture of paths and walls that crisscross the land. While at first seeming nothing special, it becomes increasingly apparent the this is the world of 2400 years ago. Nothing has changed!

Hvar Port -- Kathy's Ready to Go!

Team Picture

Hvar Island

Ice Coffee Break: Ann and Lesley

Petra: "Ladies, Are You Ready??"

"Which Way Do We Go?"

Hours of Siesta

Bike Brigade


Ann Practicing Her Kayaking Skills

Up We Go!

View Of Stari Grad From Above

Antonio, Our Token Male!

Grade of Hill: "No Wonder We Were Breathing Hard"

The Valley Below

Allison Arriving

Lauri and Ann Made It!

Stari Grad Plains


Back to the Ship!

Laurie Counting Heads!

Leaving the Harbor of Hvar