September 26: Vis

One of the furthest islands from the mainland is the island of Vis. Situated behind the islands of Hvar, Brac and Solta it for many years was a military and naval headquarters of Tito's partisan army and was closed to the public until 1989. Today it is populated with many vineyards and olive groves allowing for an economy for a small population of inhabitants. It is also the home of some of the best beaches in the Croatian area. It is said that the island is honeycombed with the former tunnels and underground living places of Tito used during the time of the partisan war. He was protected here until he rose to power as the head of Yugoslavia.

Komiza Harbor

Komiza Harbor Church

Ann, Carol, Betsy, Sue -- Twins for the Day

Komiza From Above

Going Up!!

View of Road From Above

Kathy and Ann Celebrating Making to the Top!

Road Down!!

Arrival into the Town of Vis

Bike Parking Spot!

Lauri and Lesley Enjoying the Rest!

Town of Vis

Replica of Original Fishing Boat


Street of VIs

Old Original Home

Church on the Beach

Lauri and Ann: Beach Time!

Ann: Lauri come on it -- it isn't cold, HA!"

Bike Corral

Ann -- Up,Up and Away!

View of the Bay


Antonio and Kathy

Sue, Antonio and Ann

Group Lunch At Rio Winery


Olives on Tree

Original WWII German Air Strip Building

View of City Below